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Self Grading Quizzes With Airtable

This semester, I am teaching a course at Baruch University on Big Data Technologies.

I resolved to administer a small quiz at the start of class to get a feel for how the class is doing overall in terms of comprehension of key materials.

However, grading quizzes - especially at such a recurring cadence - will definitely be time consuming, even for a small class of say 15 people (my class has 47 students).


I wanted a system that would:


Using Airtable, there is a way to create multi-choice, self grading quizzes. I’ve created a set up that you can find and replicate here for your class’s usecase:

Airtable based solution

Leveraging Airtable, I have come up with an approach that generally has worked for me thus far.

The key to this solution is to create a table that represents a quiz. Each row will include student name, email, created time, “questions”, “checks” and a “grade”.

The last two types of rows: “checks” and “grade” are both formula types.

Here’s a screenshot:

Alt Text

The columns “1”…“5” represent questions and each are formatted to be “single select” types with 4 predefined selections.

Formula Columns

To assert correctness, each “question” column has an accompanying “solution” column that asserts for correctness.

Alt Text

As seen here, “Solution 1” is a formula {1} = "C" which is ensuring that the selection for column “1”, if “C” is correct. This can be repeated with as many questions as necessary.

To compute grade, we simply find the average:

Alt Text

The “code” for this formula:

({Solution 1} + {Solution 2} + {Solution 3} + {Solution 4} + {Solution 5})/5

Where the label inside each {} corresponds to the column name Solution 1Solution 5.

That’s it! That’s the internals of the quiz. Now, per student who completes this quiz, a corresponding row will be created with a “creation time” (for future filtering if needed) and “checks” for each question submitted and a “grade” that computes average.

If needed that “grade” column can also be updated to weight individual questions differently as well. 👍

Creating the quiz

For the “frontend”, we need a form and the actual quiz questions! Airtable supports a concept of a “view” where it is possible to create a “form” that will populate the rows in the table.

Here’s an example:

Alt Text

Essentially, each column from the table can be added (or removed!) as an input field. Also, it is possible to make certain fields required and to add arbitrary text (in my quiz, I even had a few coding questions).

Additionally, this form is by default not shared:

Alt Text

but can be toggled to shareable via a private link at any time (so it is easy to “publish” and “unpublish” a quiz)

Alt Text

The Verdict

For a non-custom coded system, this works “well enough”; looking back to the requirements:

Some happy additional features:

Alt Text

There are some definite drawbacks here as well:

For that last item - I have come up with a (similarly codeless) solution! If there is sufficient interest (please let me know in the comments!) I will follow up this post with a tutorial for how I achieved near-real time email notification to students based on quiz submission 👍