Adding new content

We add new content by pushing it to the nav.json file. We can do this by

node app/newfile -n [name_of_new_page]

NOTE: we do not set any file extensions here.

Optionally, we can set a position in the nav array to specify where we want the item to appear on nav.

node app/newfile -n [name_of_new_page] -p [position]

For example, if our nav.json looks like so:

// contents of actual nav.json


and we run the following:

node app/newfile -n about -p 1

We will end up with


Updating default editor

If you don't use sublime text as default text editor and would prefer to vim it (vim ftw!), open up configs/config.js and replace editor, editorArgs with:

editor: 'vim', editorArgs: []